Cape Range National Park

Yardie is merely 7 kilometres from the entrance of Cape Range National Park. Its magnificent gorges walking trails and beaches are a must see when traveling to Exmouth !


The Ningaloo Reef mass coral spawning that occurs around March each year attracts large numbers of whale sharks on a regular basis. Whalesharks are the largest fish in the ocean, they can grow up to 18 metres long and weigh up to 15 tonnes. Despite being that big, they are very peaceful and placid diving partners. 

Do not miss out, call us to book this ‘once in a lifetime’ experience !

Whales – Dolphins

Whales and dolphins are regularly spotted in the marine park near Exmouth. Humpback whales migrate annually through the Marine Park moving northward to Kimberley breeding grounds in June-July and southward toward summer Antarctic feeding grounds in August-October. If you take a drive up to Vlamingh Head lighthouse you will most likely see these spectacular mammals jumping and breathing.


Make sure you do research before coming to the Ningaloo as Exmouth offers a large range of tours and activities.
From cruising on a boat while listening to historic facts about Yardie Creek to flying over the reef or snorkelling off a glass bottom boat, you can definitely make your time here unforgettable !


There are many diverse bird species along the Ningaloo Coast : ospreys, butcher birds, kestrels, budgies, emus and many others! If you are interested in learning more about our birdlife, visit


Yardie Homestead Caravan Park is fortunate to be situated in very close proximity to extensive marine turtle breeding and nesting grounds. Around October and November each year they can be seen mating in the shallow water around the coast. Quite often the exhausted females drag their massive bodies up on the beach to escape the intentions of males! If you are lucky you may be able to watch green and loggerhead turtles nesting along the coastline.

Throughout the year very large perenties – some as large as 2 metres – can be spotted around Yardie. Regardless of their size, they are very swift on their feet but we have no recorded accidents yet on the property ! 

Other reptiles include lizards, geckos, and obviously snakes. So please always be aware that we live on their land and observe them with respect and caution.

Marsupials and Mammals

It is not unusual to spot big muscular Red Kangaroos jumping through and around the park. Although they seem to have drastically reduced in numbers since 2021.

Respecting the Environment

Yardie Homestead Caravan Park is committed to have the smallest carbon footprint possible, and still improving.
Firstly, we now have a hybrid power station, implementing solar energy.
The next step will be to also use wind power and gas injection technology in an attempt to supply a cleaner power source without compromising reliability. Please note that because we do operate off generators, some power restrictions do apply.
All fresh water supplied to the caravan park is produced by reverse-osmosis desalination. And it tastes really good !