Activities around Exmouth, Ningaloo and Cape Range National Park

Ningaloo reef is the second largest coral reef in the world. Still pretty protected and not as visited as the Great Barrier, our coral is still mostly in good shape. Help us save the reef by bringing awareness and telling the world how beautiful and unique it is !
Each year visitors from all around the world converge on Exmouth and Ningaloo for the experience of a lifetime diving with the awesome whale shark, the world’s biggest species of fish. (Please check the whale shark tours operating dates before making your booking with us).
Ningaloo Reef is the only easily accessible place in the world where these giants appear in large numbers at predictable times of the year. Whale sharks reach more than 12 metres long and weigh more than eleven tonnes. You do not even have to be a scuba diver to swim with these massive animals, as they swim close to the surface.
The whale shark tour boats depart just a few kilometres away from Yardie Homestead Caravan Park, and most tour operators organise pick up at the Park.
Manta rays offer another spectacular experience for divers and snorkelers. Between May and November they migrate in huge schools – a magnificent sight to behold.
The fishing opportunities are something that bring visitors back to the area time and time again. Yardie is located near some of the best beach fishing areas in Australia. With three boat ramps in the area, one just four kilometres away, there is easy access to the water and your catch of the day, not to mention the world class game fishing opportunities. Some of the species typical to the area are;
black marlin, striped marlin, blue marlin, broadbill, short billed spearfish, sailfish, giant trevally, mackeral, wahoo, mahi mahi, tuna, bonefish, spangled emperor, red emperor, queenfish, cod, whiting…the list goes on.
There are endless beaches to explore, including the famous pristine waters of Turquoise Bay. The current will sweep you along the beach, allowing you to drift over the reef at your leisure.
Get a whole different perspective of the North West Cape by taking a scenic tour with Norwest Air Work. Tours depart regularly from our own private airstrip.
A glass-bottom boat tour operates within the Ningaloo Marine Park and is highly recommended.
If experiencing a taste of the Australian outback is more your style, why not go four wheel driving into the rugged landscapes of Cape Range National Park, hike through the pristine gorges and take in the vast array of flora and fauna.
Keep your eye out around Exmouth for local wildlife, including kangaroos, emus, bush turkeys, galahs and lizards.
Other great things you can do:
Whale watching
Turtle nesting / hatching (depending on the time of year)
Scenic flights
Ultralight flights
Surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing
Picnicking on deserted beaches
For more information on all there is to see and do around Exmouth, drop in to our office and have a chat.